Pininfarina 100% sports car

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From the mid-1970s to the early 80s, the Lancia mid-ship sports car produced at Pininfarina was the Monte Carlo (American name: Scopio).

The birth of Monte Carlo was complicated. Initially, Pininfarina was commissioned by Fiat to develop a sports car to replace the 124 Spider. The development code was X 1/8 with 3 l V6 engine. It was the first original design model for Pininfarina.

But. Many people are impressed by the codename X 1/8. Yes, the famous X 1/9 was also planned by Bertone around the same time, and Fiat will adopt a more affordable Bertone car rating (Born as Fiat X 1/9).

Pininfarina continued to develop the X 1/8, but later changed the project name to the X 1/20, in which the engine was changed from V6 to Ramp Ready 4 Cylinder. In addition, at the time, Lancia, who wanted a flagship model, took over the X 1/20 project, and finally Lancia "beta" Monte Carlo was introduced in 1975.

Lancia Beta was the flagship model of Lancia at the time, a sedan and coupe for the FF, but the reason it gave the same name to Pininfarina's midshipcar, which had no common denominator, was very marketing.

Thus, the so-called Series 1, produced until 1978, is therefore called Beta Monte Carlo. Production was halted temporarily in 79. In Series 2, which was built between 80 and 81, it was simply called Monte Carlo, not beta.

Both series 1 and 2 have spider of Talga top style, and it is said that the total production quantity is over 7500.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

It is Series 2, Lancia Monte Carlo coupe produced in 1980. It had records of registrations in Italy, as well as a detailed technical spec sheet in German.

As it was thoroughly finished by the previous owner, it is rare for an Italian car of this age and has kept beautiful condition. The body is repainted in its original color. Above all, the interior trim is the original one, and there are some sagging and wrinkles in the fabric, but I can say it's pretty good. Just by looking at this combination of interior and exterior, it is in such a beautiful condition that I want it.

The engine started at one stroke. I asked the owner to go for a drive around the garage, but the reed area was firm, so I wanted to go back on the car. It's not fast at all, but the feeling that you can fully enjoy the creepy hand ring is unique to midship cars in this era. I think it's a good choice for people who are tired of fast cars.

The design representing pinin farina of this era (The design of the side window is very similar to Ferrari BB of the same era.). Lantia brand is gaining popularity. Monte Carlo is one of the targets.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1980
Year of PurchaseDec 2005
Engine Capacity1,995cc
Steering WheelLeft
Chassis No.ZLA137AS000005011
Engine No.
AreaHokkaido, Japan