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It's like a new car. "California T" which shines with special tailoring.

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For a long time, Ferrari had a 3 lineup (+ Speciale Limited) strategy of V8 Midship series (two-seater) and 2 seater & 4 seater of V 12 FR, and they will debut the 4th model "California" in 2008. The V8 engine was the first vaulting horse to be mounted on the front mide, and the 2 + 2 coupe & cabriolet (retractable hardtop model) concept was the biggest feature.

In fact, with California on the scene, many users have turned to Maranello from a German premium brand, and it has helped to broaden the horde's horde.

Particular attention was paid to practicality, and the 7-speed DCT mission and the idling stop function made it popular as a "Ferrari that you can ride every day".

At first, it was equipped with a 4.4 liter direct-injection V8 natural intake engine, but in 2014 it underwent a full model change and was upgraded to the California T. T means turbocharged, and the 3.9 liter direct injection V8 interbo engine is installed in the front mid.

The Ferrari is the first turbo car in a long time since the F 40, and while keeping up with the downsizing trend of the world, it has greatly enhanced its power, showing off Maranello's technology and spirit.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

This "California T" with a beautiful Bianco Italy looks normal at first glance, but it's actually a maniac. If you know California T well, you must have thought "Something is different." after seeing the styling. However, all the parts you can see are genuine. So what's the difference?

The reason is that the height of the car and the position of the tires are different. By incorporating reed of Novitec and using a spacer, the car is lowered moderately to express the flat condition.

The mileage has just exceeded 6000 kilometers. It's almost a new car, so I don't have any particular scratches. That's because the protective film covers the nose, fenders, mirrors, hood, and even windows. Depending on how you see it, it looks a little yellowish, but it is film degradation and there is no problem with the body.

The bright red interior was so beautiful that I hesitated to sit on it, and it smelled like a new Ferrari. What surprised me most was the sound. I did a test drive a little, but it sounded like natural aspiration. The muffled sound of turbo is well diluted. The sound is not too loud and it feels like a perfect loudrock.

The secret, of course, is in the muffler. It's normal if you just see the exit. Please check the secret with your car. The idea is awakened to the truth.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2015
Year of PurchaseJul 2015
Engine Capacity3,855cc
Steering WheelRight
Chassis No.ZFF77XJC000211220
Engine No.
AreaMiyazaki, Japan