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If you know Zinetta well, you are a maniac. Zinetta Cars was a sports car maker based in Wysam, Essex, England. I shouldn't speak in the past. He still makes racing cars such as the G55GT4 and G58 prototypes, and is recognized in this world.

If you knew, you probably knew about G4 or the midship G12. Me, too. I admired the G 12 for a while, but I had nothing to do with this G 15 sports coupe. I will tell you that I have learned a lot from this interview.

In fact, more than 800 units of the G 15 (including kit cars) were sold between 74 and 1968, and it seems to be the biggest hit among all the zinetta models in history. It was a rear engine rear drive sports car with a sturdy steel tube frame, a reed loop of the Triumph Herald, a Hillman Imp powertrain, and a glass fiber body in the style of a British car.

The Imp engine was originally based on the mass-produced FWMA fire pump engine developed by Coventry Climax and combined with an aluminum alloy overhead cam to produce a 875 cc engine. Although it was only 55 bhp, it weighed just over 500 kilograms (It's actually a little bit heavier,), so it was designed to be an enjoyable vehicle.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

69 model mark 2 with radiator at the front. However, the front bumper has been changed to the lace specification, and the fuel tank has also been changed to stainless steel. This is one machine that really increases motivation.

At first glance, it looks like the style of Lotus Elan and Alpine A110 added and divided by 2, but if you look closely, it looks like a very rich coupe style. It is less than 3.7 meters long and the cabin is small and low. Perhaps because of the powertrain package called RR, it has a unique style.

As it was originally a kit car, there are many used items such as MG door knobs and mini blinkers. Even so, the meters are made by Smith, the lights are made by Lucas, the wheels, mirrors and handles are all made in England, so I thought it was a kit car born in the country of sports cars.

The frame has been restored and the oil pan has been added. The wheel made by Watanabe is also a set. The G 15 is a very rare sports car that you will surely get hooked on if you ride it. It will be interesting to restore it to your favorite color or make it like a boy's racer.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1969
Year of PurchaseDec 1985
Engine Capacity875cc
Steering WheelRight
Chassis No.15/0171
Engine No.0T19968
AreaMiyazaki, Japan