You can enjoy the full restore-made car made in England.

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The MGB is a blockbuster model produced from 1962 to 1980 as a leader in popular sports cars. It is still very popular today as an entry-level model for the world of English or classic sports cars.

The previous model, MGA, had a classic look with an old-fashioned ladder frame, while the new model, MGB, was transformed into a model with a modern monocoque body and a modern exterior, and quickly became a popular model.

Because the U.S. market was one of the main markets, there are many urethane big bumper specifications in Japan since 1974.

The basic model of the MGB is a 2-seater Roadster (Tuara), but there are variations such as a GT that was made into a fast back by Pininfarina, a specification that the GT is equipped with a V8 engine, and a very rare MGC & MGC GT with a straight 6 engine.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

It is a very tasteful individual made to the Mark I and II specifications, but in fact, the year is unknown. This is because the car was sold to Japanese immediately after being subjected to the full strip-down to the current specification for about 8 million yen in England 20 years ago, and was brought to Japan by the former owner in 2001. The car has only 2700 miles of mileage after it's been restored, and remains in the garage after the current owner acquires it.

I can guess from the car number that it is a 1970 model Mark II.

The condition of the paint is good and the overall atmosphere is good, but if you check in detail, you can see chipping, dents, fogging, rust of plating, and so on. But none of them is a big problem, and it can be repaired easily in some cases. Either way, it's not for those who care about the detailed condition.

The condition of the interior is also excellent. In fact, I think this is a car that suits the style of riding and enjoying freely by the beauty of the interior. What do you think? I feel that the tire is a little over spec with the potentiator RE01, but for now, I think it's best to enjoy the world of classic roadster.

This car is a standard for beginners of classical music. If you take this as an opportunity, it will be more fun than you imagine, and you may end up riding MG forever. In that sense, the car with such a good atmosphere is valuable.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1970
Year of Purchase2001
Engine Capacity1,789cc
Steering WheelRight
Chassis No.GHN5232116G
Engine No.
AreaKyoto, Japan