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famous car that founded the modern Aston Martin

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Aston Martin is a British luxury sports car maker born in 1913. Since the prewar era, Japan has consistently produced world-class high-performance cars, but as with this type of "High-Performance vehicle business requiring capital" its history has not been peaceful.

After the legendary David Brown era (previous DB series), which is still very popular in vintage cars, the original V 12 Vanquish, which was developed in the late 90s when Ford was under the wing, was the catalyst for the long-lost brand's revival into the modern era.

Debuted in 2001. It was a large Gran Turismo with the latest technologies of the time, including a newly developed 6 liter V 12 DOHC engine, combined with a 6 speed single clutch mission, and a drive-by-wire system. The aluminum body frame is the foundation of the VH platform that will continue to this day, and from that perspective, the original Vanquish was the signal of the brand revival.

The rugged coupe form was created by designer Ian Callum, who was a member of TWR Design at the time and is now the chief designer of Jaguar. It is not an exaggeration to say that the strong appeal of its shape led to the prosperity of the present day.

In 2004, it will evolve into a Vanquish S. Engine power has been increased from 520 bhp to 460 bhp. S is characterized by the rear end of the rear trunk being pinched up and becoming more spoiler like shape.

The production volume was 1492 units in the previous term and 1086 units in the latter term. In 2007 and 1955, the Aston Martin production plant (now the Classic Center) in Newport Pagnell was closed.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

Judging from the body number and registration date, it seems to be the individual that took off the line just before the production of the Ultimate Edition (Limited 50 units) of the later model S, which made only 1086 cars, started.

The mileage was as low as 14000 kilometers, and both inside and outside kept the best condition. Unfortunately, the dashboard is dirty due to liquid leakage from the liquid crystal mirror. Other than that, it's one of the best animals you can hope for in the 10 + year old.

There is a protective film around the nose, but it has started to turn yellow due to aging. It can be peeled off before delivery, or it can be reapplied to the latest film (Charges).

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year2007
Year of PurchaseSep 2007
Engine Capacity5,935cc
Steering WheelLeft
ColorPearl White
Chassis No.502536
Engine No.19597
InspectionJanuary 2020
AreaMiyazaki, Japan