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Classic style that you can enjoy by stepping on.

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Speaking of MGBs, they are best-selling cars produced from 80 to 1962 as masters of sports cars for the masses. As a gateway model to British lightweight sports and classic sports cars, it can be said to be a famous car which is very popular even now.

The predecessor, the MGA, was a classic style convertible with an old-fashioned ladder frame, while the successor, the MGB, is a modern convertible with a monocoque body and modern exterior design.

Because the U.S. market was one of the main markets, there are many products manufactured in Japan after the second half of 1973 that are designed with urethane big bumpers.

The basic model of the MGB is the 2-seater Roadster Tourer, but there are some variations such as the coupe type GT that was fast backed by Pininfarina, the GT V8 with V8 engine in the GT, and the MGC & MGC GT with Straight 6.

Originally developed for the GM Buick, the Rover 3.5 liter V8 OHV GT V8 (Coupe only) is a rare member of the MGB family of best-selling cars with a total production of around 2500 vehicles. The 3.5 liter aluminum V8 engine, which weighs 40 pounds (about 18 kilometers) less alone than a cast iron block 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine, continues to provide a balanced and powerful run that's still supported by many enthusiasts.

Jun Nishikawa’s Highlights!

At first glance, it looks like a common British green MG B Tour. When you hear that the 77 model is the base, you might think that it is a common conversion from urethane bumper to plated bumper.

But if you look closely, there is a letter V8 on the grill. This is actually a very rare 73 MGB GT V8 based on the 77 MGB Tourer (Roadster) with the Rover powertrain for the GT V8 built in.

There were a lot of enthusiasts who wanted the V8 spec that Tourer didn't have in the first place, and it seems that conversions were actively carried out in the UK, but in Japan, there are very few cases where conversion specifications, let alone the real thing, are seen.

What's more, the history of this individual, the conversion itself, is amazing. It was based on a tour in 77, and in the mid 80's, a Japanese specialty shop ordered from a British specialist. After the power train (engine and mission) was imported with the V8 specification, it was modified to the popular and standard Mark 1 specification. The front hood is made of aluminum. The Ekimani is for the V8GT and the muffler is an original one off. It's said to have incorporated the LSD for the RV8 and the front and rear springs of the BMC competition.

The current owner acquired it in the mid-1990s. MG B started British Sports Car Life, but the acceleration of escape after cornering is not enough. The idea was to tune the engine and lose the low-speed torque, so he turned his eyes to a V8 conversion that was sleeping in a shop.

At the time of purchase, the Mark 1 specification was replaced with the MY specification of August 74, 73, when the GT V8 was introduced, and the wheel for the GT V8 of 14 inches was installed, and the iron plate joint under the rear lamp, which is the feature of the plated bumper specification, was reproduced, and the joint at the front of the trunk was erased, to recreate the atmosphere at that time.

This is the V8 version of the B toorer, which was circumvented for political reasons (avoided batting with a triumph), but if the manufacturer had made it, it would have been like this. The painting was done in Japan. The original color is dark red. It might be fun to put it back.

With my eyes closed, I could hear the sound of an American V8. Although it was only a short time, I tried to run the winding road, and the engine was in excellent condition, especially when the Holy Cab's secondary butterfly opened after 3000 rotations, it made an indescribably sensual sound.

In actual measurement, it achieved 165 ps and 26.3 kg-m, and it takes 12 minutes for a small MG B toorer. As the owner said, accelerating the escape is a powerful thing. However, it's not too much torque to handle, but rather a flat torque feel that's easy to handle, so it supports your stress-free sports drive. It was very impressive that it was easy to handle even in the city (Slow speed range or reverse speed).

MG B V8 is more than 2.5 million yen even in conversion in the UK market. If you think about importing it to Japan, passing the gas inspection, and getting a license number, the owner's desired selling price is very attractive. The condition of the inside and the outside is appropriate for the year, and there are dents and scratches on the body, but that's also one of the ways to wear it (The hood has been replaced two years ago.). While enjoying the classic atmosphere, you can fully enjoy the (You won't lose to Mazda Roadster!) performance that is comparable to modern cars. It will be a very difficult experience.

They will also be able to collect 60 MG B catalogs the owner has collected over the years.

Vehicle Specifications

Model Year1977
Year of PurchaseJan 1987
Engine Capacity3,528cc
Steering WheelRight
Chassis No.G-HN5-426296G
Engine No.10A39827
InspectionFebruary 2020
AreaOsaka, Japan
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