1. Collection and Use of Personal Information
The company collects personal information by legitimate and fair means upon the consent of the customer. Personal information obtained is used in the following capacity:
  • For confirmation of member classification (regular member, visitor)
  • For paid services, to address requests regarding various products, and for payment and confirmation of payment
  • For email magazine delivery purposes
  • For notifications necessary for business and information regarding services, various events, and campaigns
  • For requests or to send various products or documents, including receipts
  • To offer and provide other services and pertaining business through "CARZY"
2. Regarding Management of Personal Information
We carry out the following appropriate and strict security measures to prevent loss, manipulation, leaks, and restricted access of the personal information under management:
  • Placement of a chief privacy officer
  • Continuous awareness education for all employees
  • Logical technical measures
  • Personal information is kept in a safe environment where individuals without authority cannot access
3. Regarding the Offering of Personal Information to Third Parties
Personal information provided is handled responsibly, and is not shown to a third party unless there is sufficient reason that the relevant member or a visitor agrees on, upon providing the information. 。
4. Regarding Inquiries by Customers or Members
We provide an information desk for inquiries, where members and other customers can make inquiries regarding explanation, correction, and deletion of personal information. Inquiries are responded to in as quickly a manner as possible, within reason.
5. Regarding the Observance of Laws and Ordinances
We thoroughly observe legislation and related criteria concerned with personal information protection.
6. Regarding Computer Identification Information
We may use computer identification information such as cookies and IP addresses for offering useful services. This information may be used for additional professional processing required for the prevention of illegal acts or wrongful conduct.
7. Regarding Disclosure of Member Information
CARZY co., ltd. does not disclose member information to third parties without the permission of members. Information may, however, be disclosed to the institution concerned in the event of a request for cooperation in an investigation or an information disclosure order from an institution with police or court authority, or after a regular legal procedure. In addition, institutions concerned can disclose sign-in information when it is judged that members have committed acts harmful to society.
8. Attention to All Members
When you voluntarily disclose CARZY membership information, please keep this information from being collected by other internet users or making it available for others to use. Management, disclosure, the transmission of information is conducted at your own risk.
9. Copyright
The items below are included in the services that CARZY provides, adherent to and protected by applicable copyright laws and treaties by country. Reproduction, broadcast, transmission, loan, translation, or forgery of these publications without the permission of CARZY or the proprietor may be subject to lawful persecution.
  • Written compositions, drawings, designs, photographs, pictures, programs, databases, and compositions secondary to those listed.
10. Warning Regarding Privacy on the Internet
Please note that voluntarily disclosed personal information on any of our sites, which an unspecified number of the general public can access, may be collected and used by other users. The user provides information at his or her own discretion, and we do not bear any responsibility.
11. Contact Information
Please submit any inquiries regarding our personal information protection policies using the inquiry form.
  • First edition: September 2, 2018